no coal exports

The next few weeks are a crucial time in determining if coal companies can export coal from Oregon.  Oregon’s Governor John Kitzhaber and his agencies are making decisions now whether or not to grant a crucial permit to allow coal companies start to build a coal export terminal on the Columbia River.

You can help by telling Governor Kitzhaber that coal export is not in the public interest, it is not consistent with the protection, conservation and best use of Oregon’s water resources.  He should deny Ambre Energy’s Department of State Lands permit for their Port of Morrow project.


Oregonians Take Action


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Why is it important to take action now?

Coal companies want to export 8.8 million tons of coal each year out of Oregon, barging it from Port of Morrow down the Columbia River near Portland where it would be loaded onto ships bound for China, India and other countries.

That would mean more than 5,000 barges full of coal moving through our Columbia River Gorge every year, putting our clean water, salmon, recreation and local jobs that depend on a healthy river at risk.

Shipping coal would nearly double the number of barges currently on the river — heightening the risk of accidents, collisions and spills.

Coal is toxic. It pollutes our air and water, harms our health, snarls our traffic, hurts our local economy and worsens the climate crisis.  Governor Kitzhaber should take a firm stand and protect us from coal export.