Governor Jay Inslee is committed to a clean energy future.  We need everyone around the country thanking him for pressing forward on climate action – leading a transition toward a future free of fossil fuels and establishing a clean energy economy built to last which not only makes a difference in the Northwest but can also help leverage national action.  We also need to ask that Governor Inslee do everything in his power to stop the export of coal through the Pacific Northwest.  If we are to avoid catastrophic climate change, fossil fuels need to stay in the ground and we need to invest in building the clean energy economy.

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Why is it important to take action now?

Governor Inslee recently joined a pact with the governors of Oregon and California and the Premier of British Columbia, to work together to build a powerful West Coast climate leadership bloc. Considering that these three states and one province make up the fifth largest economy on the planet and is one of the world’s foremost centers of technological and economic innovation, his leadership can have a global impact. But, the fossil fuel industry stands in his way of enacting policies that would cap carbon pollution and drive investment in the clean energy economy and energy efficiency.  In the face of fierce, well-funded opposition Governor Inslee needs to hear from citizens that they stand by his vision of a clean energy future.

Meanwhile, coal companies want to export more than 100 million tons of coal each year from the Northwest, transporting it by trains and barges and loaded onto ships bound for China, India and other countries to be burned putting 180 million tons of carbon pollution in our air each year.

Coal is toxic. It pollutes our air and water, harms our health, snarls our traffic, hurts our local economy and worsens the climate crisis.  Governor Inslee and our other elected leaders should do everything in their power to protect communities from coal export.