Tell Governer Kitzhaber to oppose coal exports NOW


Join thousands of Oregonians opposing coal export to keep this important issue at the top of Governor Kitzhaber’s radar!

  • Post the image below to his personal Facebook page
  • Follow up with a call to his Citizen Representative hotline (503-378-4582) today! See below for Facebook posting instructions

Post this image to Kitzhaber’s Facebook page

We need Governor Kitzhaber to take a firm stand and protect Oregon from dirty coal export. Let him know that you oppose Big Coal transforming Oregon into a dirty coal chute for Asian power plants. Coal is toxic. It pollutes our air and water, harms our health, snarls our traffic, and worsens the climate crisis.  Post the above image to Governor Kitzhaber’s Facebook page and give him a call (503-378-4582) to remind him about the negative impacts of coal export.

On October 22 2013, Oregon’s Department of State Lands granted Ambre Energy’s Morrow Pacific coal export project its SIXTH permit extension. Ambre’s coal export project does not meet Oregon’s environmental standards and Governor Kitzhaber should direct the Department of State Lands to deny this permit. Tell him to deny Ambre’s permit today!

Make this the most effective week of action against coal export yet! Give Governor Kitzhaber a call (503-378-4582) today and tell him you oppose coal export. Follow it up by making your voice visible to the public by posting on his Facebook page.

Tips for Posting to Governor Kitzhaber’s Facebook page:

  1. Log into your personal Facebook account
  2. Search ‘John Kitzhaber’ and ‘like’ his page (
  3. Save the above image to your computer
  4. Post the image on his ‘wall’ along with a few words about why you oppose coal export
  5. ‘Share’ the image with your ‘friends’ and ask them to follow your lead in to keep dirty coal export out of Oregon!

Thank you for taking action!