Four Pictures of International Coal

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Consumption trends in Asia, and particularly China, are in the driver’s seat of world coal trends. It’s not surprising that Chinese coal markets and Chinese energy policy are the subject of much attention by coal companies and public interest advocates alike. Read more.

Coalition Appeals Dredging Permit for Coos Bay that Would Pave Way for Coal Export

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A coalition of local residents, grassroots environmental and clean-energy groups appealed the dredging permit in part due to concerns about the harmful impacts on Coos Bay waterways that serve as salmon and oyster habitat that in turn support commercial and recreational fisheries. The permit authorizes the single largest dredging project in an estuary the state has ever approved. Oregonians are …

Less Coal in Our Stockings?

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The U.S. EPA’s announcement of new standards for mercury, lead, arsenic and other air toxics from major coal and oil-fired power plants is, as David Roberts puts it, a really big deal. Coal plants are the world’s largest sources of mercury and other toxics; burning coal is the biggest source of global warming pollution. Coal-fired power is flat-lining in the …

Guest Opinion: Are coal-carrying trains a sign of progress?

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Washington has a long and proud history of economic innovation. Our state is known for technological advances that change the world. As members of Washington’s business community, we know how valuable are our region’s high quality of life, healthy business environment and stellar reputation as a technology driver to growing existing businesses and attracting new businesses to the region. And …

Coal Export Threatens the Northwest

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Compelling three-minute video highlights plans to export dirty U.S. coal to Asia.  Local voices from Longview, Bellingham, Hood River, and Portland share how coal trains and terminals will harm their communities.  The video captures the filth of coal and the shine of those who know we can do better.  Columbia Riverkeeper teamed with Balance Media to produce the video. Photo …

Coal Exports Are Bigger Threat Than Tar Sands Pipeline

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The planned Keystone XL oil pipeline has earned major national attention for the damage it would do to the climate. At the same time, another climate drama is playing out with much less attention as coal companies make plans to export huge quantities to Asia by way of Pacific Northwest ports. It’s pretty clear that both projects are environmental horror …